Mouth-watering meal ideas for the whole family

Good food, good ideas, good for everyone. Tuck in to our range of easy to follow, delicious Scotty Brand recipes for every course, every time of day and every family member (even the really fussy ones).




Spooky Spud Brownies

Mash potato brownies yes or no? Everyone enjoys potatoes so why not mix things up and try them in a sweeter dish!

Cherry Turnover

Try this delicious cherry turnover recipe made with our fresh, juicy cherries!

5 Ingredients Raspberry Cookies

If you’re looking for a healthy tasty breakfast, then batch make these and bake away.

Strawberry Yoghurt Clusters

The viral strawberry yoghurt clusters do not disappoint! Using our seasonal Scotty Brand Strawberries, this recipe makes for the perfect sweet treat. They are a great healthy dessert or snack for everyone to enjoy!

Cherry Cardamon

A delicious cherry cardamon perfect for a summer snack

Upside down Cherry Cake

Simple recipe for honey & almond cherry upside-down cake. A lovely summer dessert perfect with a scoop of ice cream or fresh cream.

Strawberry Slices

These creamy strawberry slices are the perfect summer treat!

Chocolate Gnocchi Christmas Puds

These Chocolate Gnocchi Christmas Puds are guaranteed to bring some festive cheer!

Mashed Potato Doughnuts

Who know potatoes could make doughnuts taste so delicious?!

Cherry, Raspberry & Vanilla Smoothie

A delicious and healthy way to use up your left over berries!