Good food is always in season here

No matter what time of year, whatever the weather, we bring you the best of the season and the best of Scotland’s larder. That means the freshest, tastiest, highest quality Scottish produce. But all year round we have delicious chilled and frozen produce too, so you can always enjoy Scotty Brand tastiness.


“Everything’s growing again – including my appetite. Time for some fresh, flavoursome, filling food from Scotland’s rich, healthy soil.”


“OK so we’re not exactly known for our summers here, but trust me, this is the perfect time to pick up a punnet of sweet, juicy berries, straight from our growers.”


“The ideal weather to fill up your bowls. Revitalise the family with nourishing soup, chunky root vegetables and warming winter wholesomeness.”


“Not a lot gets me out of my basket at this time of year – you try walking through the snow with legs this short. But the smell of Shepherd’s Pie always does the trick.”

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