Mouth-watering meal ideas for the whole family

Good food, good ideas, good for everyone. Tuck in to our range of easy to follow, delicious Scotty Brand recipes for every course, every time of day and every family member (even the really fussy ones).




Crispy Cajun Potato Wedges

Whip up this refreshing pea dip and pair it with irresistible Crispy Cajun Potato Wedges. The freezer-friendly sweet garden peas makes this dip wholesome and delightful for lunch or dinner! It’s a must-try !

Easter Roast Wrap

Celebrate Easter a little differently this year with a roast wrap! All the beauty of a lamb roast but wrapped into a massive Yorkshire pudding.

Cream of Potato and Pea Soup

Batch cook and minimise waste with this tasty potato and pea soup recipe!

Fish and Chippy Chip Pie

Vegetable Bhuna Curry with Potatoes and Frozen Peas

Pea & Feta Puffs

These cute Christmas tree shaped canapés are a fun addition to any party. A delicious option if you're catering for vegetarian house guests. But we bet everybody else will love these too.

One Pot Beef Brisket Pot Roast

If you’re looking for the perfect cosy dinner for dark nights, look no further! This one pot roast using Scotty Brand Baby Potatoes and Frozen Peas is ideal for the whole family, batching cooking or as a table centrepiece to enjoy with friends.

Pea & Ham Soup

Spook-Pea Soup

A tasty, bright green soup that'll go down a treat at your Halloween table. This recipe showcases our peas in a soup with the twist on the classic starter: scallops, black pudding and pea purée.

Pea, Pancetta and Lemon Pasta

This recipe combines the saltiness of pancetta to balance the sweetness of the Scotty Brand Peas, with a hint of lemon for that fresh zing! The sauce is light as it’s made from mascarpone and pasta water, so no need to worry about that ‘creamy pasta heaviness’.