Loaded Hasselback Potatoes

Cooks In
Cooking Time 1 hour


4 medium Scotty Brand baking potatoes, washed
100g butter, melted
4 rashers of Bacon
Grated cheese
1 tsp each finely chopped parsley, rosemary, thyme
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
Crème fraiche to serve
Handful of chopped chives (optional)
1 spring onion chopped (optional)


  1. Take a potato and, using a sharp knife, cut into thin slices without going all the way through the potato. You can use a wooden spoon placed close to the potato as a guide that stops your knife going all the way through – or you can cut the potato in the bowl of a metal cooking spoon so that the edges of the spoon stop the blade of the knife going all the way to the bottom of the potato. Try and keep the slices even thickness, about the thickness of a pound coin.

  2. Whilst you're doing this you can start to preheat the oven to 180oC

  3. In a microwave melt the butter and add the finely chopped garlic and herbs and mix well.

  4. Using a pastry brush, give the potatoes a really good brush with the flavoured butter.

  5. Place the potatoes in the oven for 1 hour. The potato is crispy on the outside and tender in the centre. Smaller potatoes will take less time than larger.

  6. Whilst the potatoes are cooking, dice your bacon and fry until crispy

  7. Take your potatoes out the oven and build your loaded hassleback! Add on cheese, bacon, sour cream and spring onion for the perfect potato treat!


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