Mouth-watering meal ideas for the whole family

Good food, good ideas, good for everyone. Tuck in to our range of easy to follow, delicious Scotty Brand recipes for every course, every time of day and every family member (even the really fussy ones).




5 Ingredients Raspberry Cookies

If you’re looking for a healthy tasty breakfast, then batch make these and bake away.

Accordion Potatoes

These bites of potato goodness are so quick to make and are a real crowd pleaser!

Air Fryer Baby Potatoes

Get ready to take your taste buds on a crispy journey! Our #PimpYourPotatoes series is kicking off with air-frying baby potatoes for the ultimate crunch.

Air Fryer Middle Eastern Potatoes with Chickpea Mash, Zhoug, Tamarind Pomegranate Dressing and Pine Nuts

These Middle Eastern inspired potatoes are so full of flavour and texture you wouldn’t believe that they are also very healthy. T

Air Fryer Parmentier Potatoes

Get ready to pimp your potatoes with our air fryer parmentier recipe! Crispy, golden, and oh-so-delicious, these potatoes are the perfect combination of texture and flavour. Whether as a snack or a side dish, they are guaranteed to satisfy any craving.

Air Fryer Wedges

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside - Pimp Your Potatoes with these irresistible air fryer wedges!

Aloo Tiki Chaat

This recipe will bring an infusion of flavours unlike anything else you've had before!

Argyll Grill

The Argyll Grill is an up-until-now hidden gem. A really simple recipe, but delicious and a perfect way to showcase Ayrshire New Potatoes.

Ayrshire Green Curry with Crispy Duck

A Thai-inspired green curry with Ayrshire Potatoes and Crispy duck - a succulent feast!