Scottish Strawberry Shortcake Stacks

Cooks In
Cooking Time 90


350g Scotty Brand Strawberries
600ml Double Cream
Seeds of 1 Fresh Vanilla pod
1 tsp Orange Blossom Water
125g Icing Sugar
500g Thin Shortbread Biscuits
50g Crushed Shortbread for garnish


  1. Carefully line a 30cm rectangular cake tin or dish with cling film, leaving a 5cm overlap.

  2. In a bowl, whisk together 500ml of the double cream, vanilla seeds, orange blossom water and 125g icing sugar. Bring to a soft peak; try not to over whisk.

  3. Add a single layer of biscuits to the tin, carefully spoon over a thin layer of the cream mixture, about 1cm thick all over. Add a layer of strawberry slices, and then repeat with the cream mixture, biscuits and strawberries until you fill the tin, finishing on a layer of biscuit. Gently Press everything down well so each biscuit is covered with cream. Cover with cling film and chill for 1-2 hours (overnight if you’d prefer these slices softer).

  4. To serve, remove the top layer of cling film and carefully lift the layered slices out individually onto a suitable sized serving plate, remove any remaining cling film.

  5. Whip the remaining 100ml cream with 1 tbsp of additional icing sugar, ready for the next step.

  6. Half 5-6 strawberries and using a dollop of cream, stick these to the top of each slice (alternatively you can cover each slice in cream & sprinkle chopped strawberries on top). Sprinkle the crushed shortbread biscuit crumbs onto the strawberries. Sift over 1 tbsp icing sugar and serve.

  7. If you like, garnish with small sprigs of fresh mint.

Make your own shortbread too if you like, just make sure the slices are thin.


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