Summer Berry & White Chocolate Pinwheels

Cooks In
Cooking Time 45 mins


1 pack of Scotty Brand raspberries halved
5 Scotty Brand strawberries diced small
6 Scotty Brand cherries sliced
260g cream cheese
1tbsp vanilla essence
Half a lemon (juice & zest)
3tbsp icing sugar
1 sheet of pre rolled puff pastry
140g white chocolate


  1. Mix the cream cheese in a bowl until softened. Mix in the vanilla, icing sugar, 2 squeezes of lemon juice and a bit of the zest.

  2. Roll out the pastry but keep it on the baking sheet to avoid sticking. Spread a layer of cream cheese mixture on top, leaving a border around the edges, then scatter the diced strawberries and raspberries on top of the cream cheese.

  3. Roll the pastry into a tight log starting from the short end, making sure to seal the ends.

  4. Wrap the log in the baking sheet and place in the freezer for around 20 mins to firm up - at this stage preheat the oven to 220 degrees.⁣

  5. Once firm, remove the log from the freezer and, using a serrated knife, slice the log into 8 pieces. Place each slice on a baking tray and bake for around 18 mins or until golden.⁣

  6. Allow the pastry to cool for a few mins on the tray - while they are cooling melt your white chocolate.

  7. To finish, drizzle over the white chocolate, add sliced cherries and enjoy!

This recipe was created & photographed by Sarah Eats Glasgow.


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