Crispy Salmon Potato Nests with Lemon Crème Fraiche and Dill

Cooks In
Cooking Time 30


1kg Scotty Brand Potatoes, scrubbed and coarsely grated
2 tbsps olive oil
100g crème fraiche
100g Scotty Brand smoked salmon
1 lemon
Handful of dill sprigs
Cracked black pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C fan/220°C.

  2. With their skins still on, use a box grater to coarsely grate the Scotty Brand Potatoes.

  3. Place the grated potatoes in a clean tea towel and squeeze out as much liquid from them as you can.

  4. Add them to a non-stick frying pan with 1 tbsp olive oil and ½ tsp salt and fry for 5 minutes, turning occasionally so the potatoes start to turn golden

  5. Meanwhile, use a brush to lightly grease the holes of a small muffin tray with the remaining tbsp of oil. Place a spoonful of the potatoes in each hole and press down so the base and sides are covered with a thin layer of the mixture.

  6. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes until crispy and golden.

  7. Remove each nest and place on a baking tray. Return to the oven for a few more minutes to ensure the nests are completely crisp and slightly dried out.

  8. Leave to cool before filling with a tsp of crème fraiche and topping with the Scotty Brand Smoked Salmon. Add a sprig of dill to each nest along with a squeeze of lemon and some freshly cracked black pepper.

  9. Enjoy!

This recipe was created and photographed by @bethanyfergusonfoodstyling


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