Cooks In
Cooking Time 45mins


500g Scotty Brand strawberries (hulled and halved)
75g sugar
250ml Champagne/sparkling wine
5 leaves gelatine
Strawberries to accompany


  1. Place 500g hulled and halved strawberries into a saucepan with the sugar, give them a good stir and gently cook them on a very low heat for 20 minutes, using clingfilm to cover the pan.

  2. After 20 minutes, pour the strawberries and strawberry juice through a sieve into a jug.  Leave it for a few minutes to collect all the juice. You will only need the juice for this recipe – save the cooked strawberries for porridge. Measure out 250ml of juice.

  3. Soften the gelatine in a bowl of cold water for five minutes.

  4. Reserve 50ml strawberry juice and gently stir the remaining 200ml in a bowl with 250ml Champagne/sparkling wine.

  5. Put the reserved 50ml of juice in a small pan and heat to just under boiling. Squeeze out the gelatine leaves and stir them into the hot strawberry juice until completely dissolved.

  6. Pass the gelatine mixture through a sieve and then stir it gently into the strawberry juice & champagne. Carefully pour the jelly mixture into four metal dariole moulds and leave them to set in the fridge overnight.

  7. To turn out the jellies, get a bowl of very hot water and dip the moulds briefly into it, before inverting the jellies onto plates. Garnish with a halved strawberry and more fresh strawberries

NB: This dish needs to be made the day before you plan to eat it, in order to give the jelly time to set.

Recipe courtesy of Rukmini Iyer.


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